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About the courses

Please note Level 1 courses closed for new registrations on 01.01.2018

The courses are delivered entirely 'online' and require the candidate to send digital images and some text to the centre. The image and text requirements are clearly defined in the modules which are set out in an easy to follow format.

As this course is online candidates need to be aware that some technical equipment is essential to participate. The following items are essential:

  • A digital camera
  • A programme on your computer which allows you to upload and save the images from your camera.
  • A facility to enable you to send and receive e-mails
  • The ability to open and work on Microsoft Word documents and Adobe Acrobat (to enable downloading of PDF files and supplementary course information).
  • Antivirus software
  • An electronic document storage method

The design and craft items required by the candidate to participate are defined at the start of each module. It is the intention of Sugarcraft Online to ensure that equipment required is minimal, readily available and where possible, household items which is particularly applicable to the Level 1 courses.  However, there are some items which you will require that are specialist, for example:

  • A folder to keep your paper-based work in

  • A clean food preparation work surface / an overall or apron
  • A turntable, icing ruler and a selection of piping nozzles for Level 2 Sugar Decoration

Art Equipment

  • Basic art equipment e.g. pencils/ colouring pencils / paper / red, yellow, blue, black, white paint / paint brushes / etc
  • Basic cake decorating equipment e.g. greaseproof paper/ Number 4 piping nozzle / palette knife / comb side scraper / etc

Sugar Equipment

Paste Food Colours

  • Red, yellow, blue, orange, green and purple food colour / etc
  • A selection of cake boards

Cake Boards

The courses on offer are internationally recognised Level 1 qualifications in Sugar Flowers and Sugar Decoration and a Level 2 qualification in Sugar Decoration .

Candidates participating in a Level 1 course require no previous knowledge of either the sugarcraft industry or the basic principles of design. These will all be taught as you progress through the course. Candidates participating in a Level 2 course require either a Level 1 qualification or evidence of experience at a similar level.

The Level 1 courses are intended to give a candidate sound basic knowledge of the craft and are the foundation stone for moving to higher level courses. Level 2 courses build on the Level 1 knowledge to develop decorative skills. There are 3 possible levels in the scheme.

Candidates MUST understand that as the scheme is entitled Design and Craft the basic principles of design - colour / line / texture - will be an integral part of the course.

Colour Line Texture

It is expected that by the time the candidate has completed the compulsory design units, associated with any of the courses, which require the use of different papers / paints / pencils / and textured items, some of the ideas created in these modules will be carried forward to inspire practical work in the sugar decoration / sugar flower modules.

Sugarcraft Online has developed each Level 1 course to consist of 6 modules the first 2 of which are compulsory.

The 2 compulsory modules are aimed at teaching candidates design and craft skills essential to the successful completion of the remaining 4 modules. Module 1 encourages candidates to take their first steps in understanding design with a clear set of laid out exercises. Module 2 introduces candidates to the basic use of essential craft ingredients and food safety.

In the Level 1 courses, assessment of the first 5 modules takes place as each module progresses and feedback from Sugarcraft Online is given as each required image from the candidate is sent to the centre. The final module, Module 6, consists of the production of an item or set of items which has been chosen by the candidate to demonstrate the knowledge which they have learnt as they have progressed through the course. As with Modules 1 - 5 assessment of Module 6 will be by submission of images and text as defined in the module requirements.

The Level 2 course consists of 5 modules, each of which is graded at pass, merit or distinction on the work produced by the candidate. Candidates will note that each subject module contains assessment units. Completion of each subject module and its related assessment units will result in the achievement of an Award for which a certificate can be claimed. The certificate will record the grade achieved by the candidate. Candidates wishing to achieve a full Level 2 qualification must complete 4 subject modules and their related assessment units of which 2 are compulsory. The compulsory modules are Module 1 - Design for Craft and Module 2 - Creative work with Sugar Mediums. To complete the full Level 2 qualification, candidates will choose 2 subject modules and their associated assessment units, from the 3 available - Module 3 - Modelling with Marzipan, Module 4 - Working with Sugarpaste and Module 5 - Working with Royal Icing.